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It’s Flu Season: Get your Vitamin D!

During flu season, it’s vital for children to keep their vitamin D at optimum levels. The common flu in scientific terms is a deficiency of vitamin D. A sufficient amount of vitamin D produces enough antimicrobial peptides, which protect the body from the flu. Vitamin D deficiency has been increasing in the United States in the last two decades. Below are 10 of symptoms that one might endure when experiencing a vitamin D deficiency.
1) Muscle weakness – When someone is experiencing muscle weakness, they are most likely lacking in vitamin D. People who suffer from a deficiency in vitamin D are often having trouble with certain muscle functions.
2) Chronic pain – People experiencing chronic pain in their bones or muscles could have an issue with their vitamin D levels.  A study in Minneapolis took into account 150 patients with chronic pain. 93% of those patients had very low levels of vitamin D.
3) Constant fatigue – one of the main attributes of vitamin D is that it produces energy for the body. If someone is constantly tired, it’s best if they get their vitamin D levels checked.
4) Psoriasis – Vitamin D plays a major role in treating patients with psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that could possibly be related to low vitamin D levels.
5) Depression – this psychological disorder might just be an issue with your diet and nutrition. Vitamin D is vital for producing serotonin in the brain.  Some people who suffer from depression might only suffer during the winter months. This is because a lack of sun is directly correlated with a lack of vitamin D.
6) Regular respiratory issues – if low levels of vitamin D coincide with the flu, then it only makes sense that people who have a consistent symptom of the flu (respiratory issues) might have low levels of vitamin D.
7) Sweaty head – A sweaty head is a symptom of rickets, which is the most dangerous and common form of vitamin D deficiency in kids.
8) Hypertension – A deficiency is vitamin D is a factor that might lead to hear failure. People who suffer from high blood pressure are often told to increase their dosage of vitamin D in the form of fermented cod liver oil.
9) Chronic Kidney Disease – Heart failure and disease is commonly linked to kidney disease. Seeing as hear failure is connected to low volumes of vitamin D, we can only conclude that there is also a connection to kidney diseases.
10)  Vitamin D is an important element in creating a stronger immune system. If someone is constantly sick, then they might be suffering from diminished Vitamin D levels.